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Online Spell Work and Root work for Couples who want to grow Closer

Hi, Am Mama Lakia

I am an experienced white magic specialist and witch doctor who offers online spell casting and rituals for clients across the world. I have been working on relationship issues for over a decade, helping people like you be on the path to a happier, more fulfilling relationship, and life.

If you are looking for a change in any situation; Love or Relationships, or Eliminate blockages in your life or any other personal problems, you are welcome! And I am ready to assist you.

My Spells and Rituals

I have dealt with many cases more difficult than yours daily on a basis and I solved countless cases. Regardless of the situation you might be facing, my job here is to return to your partner. 

Safety and Privacy

Spiritual potency in the hands of the wrong person can be deadly and consequential. However,, with the knowledge and expertise I possess, I assure you complete privacy and no side effects or karma

Here’s How I Can Help

I provide spiritual remedies in the form of love spells, binding spells, cleansing rituals and more. The services are  offered online or via phone, rather than in-person for people overseas. And in person to whoever can come to Uganda where my shrine is located. And for those that can afford to pay my travel expenses, I am willing to come and work on you in person.

Get Back Your Ex

I will trigger the emotions and feelings of the person who left you to again fall for you and want you back in his/her life.

You shall never be separated ever again. And use this as your chance to take things to the next step in your relationship.

Marriage and Commitment

Are you looking to take your relationship to the next level but your partner is not ready yet! Get the ring on your finger and become his/her wife ASAP Increase your love bond. Your partner will begin to focus on your relationship more than they have been.

Stop A Breakup or Divorce

The man who wanted to divorce you will start seeing the good side of you. Shortly after, you will renew your vows and stay together forever.

Starting Over Again

Many need companionship and partnership to boost their feelings of self-worth. End loneliness and emptiness in your life by finding the right person for you.

Find Your Soulmate

Draw someone towards you and guarantee that he/she will fall madly in love you for life.

Stop Cheating Partner

Break up a love affair or relationship your partner is having behind your back. Or put a seal on him/her and avoid wet eyes in your relationship. Stop the misery and rekindle back your lover because you deserve the same piece of happiness just like everyone else.

Evil Spirits Banishment

If you’ve been troubled by evil spirits, a haunted house, someone sending you evil energy, or unwanted astral visitors and if you’ve been looking for a constructive way to deal with it, then this is just the spell you’re looking for.

Protection Rituals & Charms

Many times, our problems have external origins. As we get in touch with other people, we often get in contact with them and capture such energies during our interactions and physical contact. The bad ones ruin us while the positive ones block our progress.

I offer a free consultation session to understand your needs, walk you through my approach, and ensure we’re the right fit for one another.

Happy Clients

Don’t just throw money away without results, i have helped many couples who thought therapy or violence was the solution. You still have a fighting chance and your counselor wont tell you these things because he/she is making money on your relationship problems. 

Is Your Issue Not Mentioned Above? Dont loose hope...

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Take control of your love life and strengthen your relationship with yourself and partner. Get started by telling mama lakia what you are going through.


The supernatural works in mysterious ways many times beyond human understanding. Use the spells at your sole discretion. Note results vary individual to individual.